Contributors and Advisors

Many grateful well wishes to those who have built our start up organization through their own hard work, dedication and donations!


Chris Bartlett—Anthrope •  Brand Development and Communication Strategies

Don Clark – WindSpirit Community • Intentional Community Development

Mark Kightlinger, CPA – Nonprofit Auditing

Cara Lawrence • Corporate Non Profit Attorney (Volunteer Informal Legal Advisor and Paid Advisor for 501c3 Tax Exempt Application to IRS)

Ann Litow • Editorial Advisor

Dr. Carl Moore—Consensus Process • The Community Store

Terry Peterson, CPA/CFO—Southwest Colorado Small Business Development Center-Fort Lewis College

Mitchell Toms—The Generosity Exchange (Fiscal Agent and Sponsor)

Circles of Gratitude

Circle of Appreciation: $1101 to $11,000

Dr. Jack Bauersachs, Jonathan Henson, Fran Marciano, Susan Teitelman, Cara Lawrence Esq. and Mitchell Toms


Peacemakers' Circle: $501 to $1100

Chris Bartlett, Philippe Gadeyne, Karl Hanzel, Mark Kightlinger CPA, Ann Litow, Tess McDonald, Peggy Owens, and Lise Pettijohn.


Circle of Well-Being: 0 to $500

Mary Beckstrom, Ron Benoit, Mark Burrell and Dayna Finkenzeller, Sue Coe, Brandon Donahue, Margy Dudley, Joep de Jong, Rachelle Macur, Anne McGinley, Marleny Munoz, Andre Nantel, Ali Sabeti, Stefan Schnur, Steve Self, Dorothy Rupert and Kelly Voss.


Grants and Contributions by Foundations

Ballantine Foundation, Generosity Exchange, Secure World Foundation, and Southwest Colorado Small Business Development Center


Start Up Loans by:

Richard Anderson

Dr. Jack Bauersachs

Monique and Mike Steig


We very much appreciate your willingness to believe in us! To believe in our mission, to believe it's in reach, to believe in our plan and believe in this opportunity to come together around community well-being and ecosystem stewardship.  Thank you for contributing to our efforts!

epi's Circles of Gratitude in Recognition to Our Wonderful Donors

  • Circle of Well-Being: 0 to $500
  • Peacemakers' Circle: $501 to $1100
  • Circle of Appreciation: $1101 to $11,000
  • Founders' Circle: $11,001 to $21,000
  • Circle of Solutions: greater than $21,001
  • Sustaining Peace: monthly donation of $5 or more

 A quick reminder - epi operations are on hold until 2013.  To contribute to the resumption of operations, please contact Myriem Le Ferrand directly.  myriem [at] econ4peace [dot] org   Thank you.