Who We Are

Our lives embody a set of themes.  Personal development takes a particular course as we make sense of ourselves and find a life path. 


epi Web Team and Board of Directors

The individuals who have volunteered to build Economics for Peace Institute each have a powerful commitment to our mission.  Each holds a vision of their better futures through involvement with the Institute and each is uniquely talented in ways that create a resilient start up organization.  It is an inspiring team and we welcome you to join us in our programs, partnerships and projects.


Expression of Gratitude from Myriem Le Ferrand, epi's founder

Thank you to all of the wonderful volunteers who joined me in forming and building Economics for Peace Institute.  I hope that you learned and benefited by this endeavor as much as I did.  Thank you for making this all possible.  Our work is not lost; I have the intention to re-build from where we left off in a few years.  I hope that you will join me.

In the meantime, I plan to work in a nonprofit environmental or mediation organization.  Such an atmosphere of professional exchange will benefit the participatory research cause by helping me refine my understanding and approach. I hope you will join with me again when I have had a chance to secure funding. 


Web Team

Karl Hanzel

Systems Administration

Karl Hanzel holds extensive experience in computer systems administration and network security on a broad range of hardware / software systems. Karl has applied his skills to new technologies in a range of ways including the deployment of models for high-precision wind forecasts for the wind energy industry, and high-availabilty servers.

                  Karl is very well versed in several Unix / Linux distributions, as well as Mac OS X and Windows platforms, standard Unix utilities, TCP/IP networking, LAN/WAN essentials, and mixed-platform environments.  He's been instrumental in putting-up epi's original website & assisting Jonathan Henson with our evolving website.

                  Karl holds a B.S. in Natural Science from Lewis and Clark College in Portland, Oregon. Karl now resides in Boulder, Colorado where he built a highly sustainable home and practices a lifestyle that serves as a model for others seeking to reduce their carbon footprint.  Karl's personal website is www.khaos.com.


Jonathan Henson

Web Developer

Jonathan Henson specializes in new media to support non profits. His firm, Harbor Moon Design, also delivers 100% wind-powered hosting.  Jonathan is a member of the Seattle Drupal Group, Drupal Association, and Ubuntu.org.  He is an active member of the FLOSS (Free Libre Open Source Software) community.  He utilizes FLOSS resources to disseminate information and break down communication barriers.

                  Jonathan has been involved in eco-friendly projects in Northern California and the Puget Sound areas. He furthers green living and footprint reduction through the use of solar, wind and hydro systems, green building techniques, and green transportation. He has taken numerous workshops at Humboldt State University’s Campus Center for Appropriate Technology (CCAT).          

                  Jonathan is the backbone of epi’s new web 2.0 site and demonstrated superlative initiative in bringing this leading edge project to fruition. Jonathan resides in Port Townsend, Washington and is originally from Northern California.


Board of Directors

Jack Bauersachs


Prof. Dr. Jack.Bauersachs, CFA., is a highly successful baby boomer business leader whose early days were spent in exploration of the cooperative movement. He is a professor of business, the founder and director of an international business management education program, and an entrepreneur. He chairs the International Management Department at Deggendorf University in Germany.

                  On the epi BOD, Jack uniquely represents the business sector and provides guidance in strategic and business planning. Jack resides in Deggendorf and Boulder, Colorado.  He is bilingual German-English. Jack is an avid cyclist.


Myriem Le Ferrand

Founder and Executive Director

President - Board of Directors

Myriem Le Ferrand is a mediator, organizational development specialist, and an economist.  For over twenty years, she has developed these skills in an effort to formulate public policy solutions on a range of issues. 

                  She is experienced in working with a wide range of publics. She has evaluated public participation in projects run by Conservation International, USAID, EPA, USFS, and the UNDP in Bolivia, Morocco and the United States. Her participatory research interests include local knowledge systems, cultural survival, biodiversity, sustainability and climate change.

                  As a consultant to the energy industry, she was the first person to calculate the sulfur and nitrogen oxide emission credits under the 1990 Clean Air Act Amendments. In the early nineties, as a senior analyst with Resource Data International, she also analyzed and reported on low sulfur coal and bulk power markets.

                  Myriem is a roster member of the United States Institute for Environmental Conflict Resolution (www.ecr.gov).  She has over ten years of experience in consensus-building and strategies that strengthen public participation.  Cases involve water quality, economic development, forestry and land use planning across multiple jurisdictions. Tourism and outdoor recreation are often cornerstones of the regional economies in which she works.

                  She is principal of Calathus LLC, a public policy facilitation firm specializing in appreciative inquiry.  She uses a range of large and small group techniques to support decision-making processes.  Her approach builds on best practice, celebrates success and energizes “what does even better look like?”  Myriem served on the International Advisory Board of the 2009 World Appreciative Inquiry Conference (WAIC).  She presented in the online portion of at the 2009 WAIC and at the 2003 International Association for Public Participation conference in Ottawa.

                  She served on the Technical Advisory Committee for Engineers without Borders and coordinated review and development of indicators for participation and cultural integrity.  She has facilitated or evaluated projects involving Chalalan Ecolodge in Madidi National Park (Bolivia)); Agenda 21 in Essaouira, Morocco, a pilot city of the 1992 Rio Declaration on Environment and Development; and, an initiative with Hurricane Katrina refugees so that their voices might be heard in the Unified New Orleans Plan (UNOP).

                  Myriem’s organizational management skills are the result of previous business ventures and academic research. She previously served in nonprofit management for individuals with disabilities and on the Board of Directors of a local government body.  She has studied and taught organizational behavior and evaluated former V.P. Gore’s reinvention of government initiative including results-based management and team-building at USAID.  She has also facilitated outdoor challenge course team building programs. She operated a graphic design firm that specialized in expatriate training materials.

                  Other studies include: i) ‘stewardship culture’ in a U.S. national park (2005); ii) meaning-making in use of the term ‘local’ (2003); iii) the role of trail systems in community-based ecosystem management (2003); and, iv) development of an econometric model to compare family farm size in conventional and modern organic agriculture (1989).

                  Myriem holds a Masters of Science in Natural Resource Policy from the University of Michigan and a B.A. in Economics from the University of Colorado-Boulder.  She is bilingual French-English and enjoys living simply.


Marleny Munoz


Marleny Munoz consults in community development and public health. She works with diverse populations on issues of social justice, displacement, and other issues faced by women and children in war-torn countries and in immigration situations. She has carried out projects in Central and South America as well as in Canada.

                  She advances the use of appreciative Inquiry as a participatory research methodology to support collaboration in civil society organizations.  She has provided training, course development, and participatory evaluation for numerous academic and nonprofit institutions including with United Way, Mount Royal College, Calgary Health Region, Tom Baker Cancer Centre, University of Calgary, and CIDA.

                  From the University of Calgary, Marleny earned a Master of Arts in International Development and a Master of Health Sciences in Community Health Sciences. She holds a Graduate Diploma in Public Health from the University of Buenos Aires-Argentina and a Bachelor of Business Management from the Universidad del Valle in Columbia.  She is currently a Ph.D. candidate in Social Work at the University of Calgary. Marleny is bilingual Spanish-English.


Malcolm Odell


Dr. Malcolm "Mac" Odell has worked for over 25 years in community mobilization, team-building, participatory research and conflict resolution. He has carried out over 50 policy level and grass roots development assignments in 16 countries for Africare, Winrock, Pact, World Bank, USAID, NORAD, IFAD, and CARE.

                  He is widely known for the development of Appreciative Action and Planning (APA), a short, simplified Appreciative Inquiry methodology now used by over 3000 participants from 33 countries. His APA methodology is also being used in women's empowerment and savings-led microenterprise programs reaching over 100,000 women in 8 countries of Asia and Africa.  

                 Mac led the International Advisory Board for the World Appreciative Inquiry Conference held in Nepal in 2009.

Originally from New Hampshire, Mac holds a BA from Princeton and MS and PhD degrees in applied development sociology and organization development from Cornell University.  Mac exemplifies the power of positive thinking and epi is more than fortunate to have this pioneering international development practitioner on our board. 


Daniel Wolf

Vice President

Bio and photo forthcoming