Participatory Strategies Group (PSG)

PSG is the workgroup at epi that supports our participatory research training and development program in the United States.   PSG's purpose is to build capacity for demonstrable participatory engagement at every level of governance—from community engagement to stakeholder involvement to interagency collaboration and beyond. 

PSG offers planners on a negotiated fee basis:

  • PAR workshops and certifications;
  • PAR demonstration projects for water management plans, transportation plans, county comprehensive plans in the U.S. or Official Community Plans (OCP) in Canada;
  • PAR experiential training; and,
  • InvolveNET™: customized websites and social media strategies for stakeholder dialogue and community engagement.

As part of epi's educational mission, PSG offers at no cost to PAR practitioners:

  • Research and development for advancing PAR strategies;
  • A website to centralize efforts to develop and disseminate guidance in achieving best practices in PAR; and,
  • A web portal to connect PAR practitioners.

PSG furthers rigorous qualitative research protocols[link]; such protocols ensure credibility, confirmability, validity and reliability.  The Institute works to ensure confidentiality is respected for community members and researchers similar to protections enjoyed by lawyers, doctors and therapists in their relationship with clients. We plan to elucidate general and site-specific indicators of community well-being and ecosystem stewardship[link].