epi’s Participatory Ecotourism Group (PEG) supports our charitable and educational mission. PEG is funded through grants and PSG revenues. PEG offers the following services free to conservation organizations and communities:

  • Community resource and feasibility assessment for charitable, principled, community-based eco-tourism;
  • Coordination of charitable participatory eco-tourism initiatives;
  • Participatory and appreciative evaluation of existing eco-tourism projects;
  • Workshops in PAR and Appreciative Inquiry as applied to conservation and development; and,
  • A web portal to raise awareness, diffuse best practice, and connect eco-tourism partners and volunteers.

PEG builds capacity for participatory ecotourism that preserves critical cultural and ecological processes in local and regional landscapes while also strengthening local and regional economies. 

When operations resume, we hope to PEG will follow up on potential projects for:

  1. WildCoast/Costa Salvage and two villages in Mexico (Sonora and Michoacan)
  2. Borana Lowlands and Holistic Management in Somalia/Kenya
  3. Abraham Path Initiative in the Middle East
  4. Participatory Ecotourism Incubator in the Four Corners-Southwest United States

Please let us know of communities with high social need or restorable critical habitat. We will work to develop grants to conduct an initial participatory assessment. The results of our work are demonstrable through the participatory evaluation of those affected.  Information may be sent to info @ econ4peace.org

At this turning point in our relationship with Earth, we work for an evolution from dominance to partnership, from fragmentation to connection, from insecurity to interdependence.  ~ UN Earth Summit •  A Declaration of Interdependence