The Participatory Network (an online and offline PAR initiative)

epi plans to launch the Participatory Network in June 2010. You may participate in several ways.  You can join the PARnetwork, post appreciative reviews of ecotourism sites, check out PAR best practice, look in new ways at prosperity indicators, and more.

Economics for Peace Institute seeks to stimulate peer review and collaboration to promote participatory action research (PAR).  To achieve this goal, epi's web team has built an exciting web platform for members of the Participatory Network.  The econ4peace website supports discussion groups, blogs, wikis and other collaborative learning opportunities to advance PAR practice.  

The Institute encourages direct online and offline communication between members of the network.  Through epi's web portal, Network members also interface directly with epi's two programmatic teams: Participatory Strategies Group (PSG)[link] and Participatory Ecotourism Group (PEG)[link].

Members of the Participatory Network are welcome to contribute to epi's interactive array of online research projects [link]. To join the network, please apply online[link]. Thank you.

A special thank you to those who participated in epi's first PAR workshop in May 2009. These individuals contributed significantly to how epi might best promote neutral, science-based PAR practice.   In particular, thanks go to Dr. Gregg Walker who suggested an online niche network.  Much appreciation also goes to Dr. Budd Hall of Victoria University who also responded with enthusiasm to the concept of a PAR Portal when he met with epi's founder in June 2009.