Getting Started | The Essentials

First.  Ecological and social systems are complex and best understood locally.  Locals carry first-hand knowledge based on real-time observation and experience.

Second.  The building blocks of community resilience and ecological sustainability start from the ground up. There is no technology fix. The Green New Deal and emission caps are not enough.

Our Plan.  We start from the ground up. We are systematic with a long-view.  We focus on what is working, rather than on what is broken.  We restore a better way of life through the essentials:

Taking the time to unify local understanding is the groundwork upon which all else is built.  A unified understanding of “what is most important” informs us as a community and as individuals. Social fieldwork is the missing link in the quality of information used by local planners, regional environmental impact statements (NEPA), federal program evaluation, eco-friendly certification, county-wide comprehensive plans, social impact assessment, and more.

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