Connecting the econ4peace Community Online

Our online community connects through profiles, content, inspiration, techniques and actions to support economics for peace as a means to restore earth’s ecological systems. Community members enjoy supporting each other’s efforts in day-to-day life and promote the mission and vision of economics for peace institute | epi | with a focus on community well-being and ecosystem stewardship as understood by individuals through discourse in their place-based communities. This online community is global in scope, yet local in focus.

Members of this online community may also volunteer in their communities to provide outreach or conduct research. They definitely offer their input in their local place-based community circles held to establish baseline indicators of community well-being and ecosystem stewardship. One community per person (hint: snowbirds). Individuals do not need to join us online to provide local input. Local input is always in person in local places (outside or inside) comfortable to local people in all walks of life.

This online community includes volunteers, board directors, advisors and staff who work directly with Economics for Peace Institute to build the organization to fulfill its mission and vision. This online community includes individuals in partner organizations and researchers who are members of the Guild for Social Fieldwork and advance the field of practice.

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