About Economics for Peace Institute

Founded in 2008

Locations: Colorado and Washington

Current Offices: Gold Hill, Colorado • Sequim and Chimacum, Washington

Previous Offices: Boulder and Cortez, Colorado


Current Associates: Leah Potter-Weight, Saul Alarcon, Sheena Ross

Previous Associates: Karl Hanzel, Chris Bartlett, Sara Wakefield, Suzanne Coe, Ann Litow, Lise Pettijohn, Phillippe Gadeyne, Jonathan Henson, Lisa Ramsey

Current Board of Directors: Nick Le Claire (VP), Mona Nigohossian (Treasurer), Myriem Le Ferrand (President and Acting Secretary)

Previous Board of Directors and Current Advisors in chronological order of when first on BOD: Dorothy Rupert (former State Senator-CO), Susan Teitelman (Herbalist- Food and Climate Action Lobbyist-DC, 2010, Fran Marciano (Public Educational Accounting), Kelly Voss (Donor Development), Jack Bauersachs, PhD. CFA. (Founder International Business Management School-Dusseldorf University), Malcolm Odell, PhD (First Round Peace Corps, Founder Appreciative Inquiry Planning and Action – Washington, DC), Marleny Munoz Bonnycastle, PhD – Professor (Manitoba, Canada), Daniel Wolf (Democracycounts.org), Margaret Owens (Legalization Colorado), Damun Gracenin, PhD (Public Health-Univ. of California, Berkeley), and Franklin Wallbrown (Broadcasting and Open Source Information Technology).

Immense gratitude to these wonderful people and many others along the way!

Beta site. Content in development For now, please refer to Guild for Social Fieldwork site with acknowledgment of all those who contributed to the organizational development of the Institute.

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