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Our approach to building the organization is team-based and volunteer driven. We welcome partners, supporters, donors and contributors. We are excited to talk with you about what interests you most and explore how that might fit in.

If you’d like to join us as a creative, administrator or a research coordinator, please consider becoming an | epi | Associate.

Review the list of roles for which we are most focused on recruiting and training in 2022.

The Institute is organized in three areas of coordination for which volunteers are needed. You would join us as part of team in one of three areas. It is totally possible to work on multiple teams. Each area is not exclusive and we hope everyone enjoys doing all the tasks that build up the organizational mission and sustain rich and rewarding experience doing good work with people.

  • Business and Nonprofit Administrators, Partnership Coordinators and Project Managers. We are looking for individuals who would enjoy sharing their skills and expertise to build the organization and attend to day-to-day administration. Of note, we are looking for an onboarding specialist to help us bring new people into our work in a way that is rewarding to them.
  • Artists and Creators. We invite people to join in our creatives team for outreach online and in person. These individuals also take part in our training materials and development. For the creatives team, we are looking for block prints, cartoons, infographics, upcycled home gear, and more! Be part of a team! We’ll be coordinating participatory video displays and public art projects. We are ready to energize outreach and education. We rely on technology to conduct education and outreach, although our mission is very much offline!!!
  • Researchers and Facilitators. We are actively networking to build relationships of value with researchers who would like to come into our social fieldwork team. These are individuals who already have practice in social science research and reporting. We are also interested in working with community organizers and local people to build up this area of expertise and practice. The research team organizes critical ground-breaking new research in bioregional community well-being and ecosystem stewardship.

If you would like to see the organization flourish through the effort of skilled volunteers like yourself, we ask that you join us as an | epi | Associate. There are a few more hoops to being an Associate rather than a volunteer, and you’ll be relied on accordingly. Review the | epi | onboarding overview to learn more.

We need to start now to set the course on our better futures.

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