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On Monday, November 22, we reached a milestone over ten years in the making! Our new website will also us to connect online with ease, security and privacy. For now, it is barebones and beta. Soon, it will be filled with art and expressive analogy to inspire. We plan on creating an uplifting online learning and communications environment. The resources and case studies will be searchable and easy to find.

The beta site has the building blocks and content of where we plan to go with online communications. What you see now is an organized approach to deliverying on our programmatic objectives.

We plan to create a online hub for the networked econ4peace community. This site uses web development tools to build an online community platform similar to “social media” for networking, research and education to reach our mission-driven goals. All the same as an organization of associates and volunteers, we prefer direct one-on-one communication by phone or in person.  Feedback welcome!

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