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We love help and appreciate your interest. We work in teams

We ask for a set weekly pledge of your time that you choose and commit to ensuring. For now, Myriem, | epi | founder, is your check in. Later you would check in within your team. We hope you’ll join in!

Roles we seek to fill include:

  • On the Ground Community Coordinator(s) – Research Team
  • Hand and Digital Mapping Coordinator(s) – Research Team
  • Nature-Connected Artists – Creatives Team
  • Onboarding Coordinator for Associates – Organizational Team
  • Volunteer Coordinator – Organizational Team
  • Fundraiser Champions to Spread the Word in their Networks – Creatives Team
  • | epi | Community Blog Coordinator – Research Team
  • Coordinator of IT Help Desk for Associates – Organizational Team
  • Coordinator of IT Help Desk for Communities and Volunteers – Organizational Team
  • IT Advisor and Developers – Organizational Team
  • Assistant to the Board of Directors – Organizational Team

To learn more about how we work, please visit the online overview of our team approach to organizational development. See this link for the onboarding process for | epi | Associates.

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