About Social Fieldwork

Social fieldwork is practical research that ensures real local input is at the table when public decisions are made. The institute fosters social fieldwork by local people so place-based communities can come together around baseline indicators of community well-being and ecosystem stewardship. Without this work, we remain both disoriented and without a rudder as to which horizon beckons our better futures.

Social fieldwork includes a wide range of qualitative research methods including participatory learning and action, and participatory action research. As a research institute, we advance a form of participatory research that is place-based inquiry regarding first-hand experience in real-time and on the ground.

Social fieldwork draws on the experience of ethnographers, not of ethnicity – but of modernity in all its array- to identify socio-cultural patterns. Our goal is to teach how to work with communities in a participatory way to encourage conversation and awareness of the unique qualities that make day-to-day experience wholesome.

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