The Artists for Peace Collection

Our shop is where to for the online gallery Artists for Peace in support of The Groundwork Project and other critical initiatives of Economics for Peace Institute.

We are particularly interested in showcasing place-based artists whose work uniquely evokes a landscape and its people. We also seek work that conveys hope, insight, peace, unique and multiple perspectives, and interconnectedness.

Artists work will be selected by | epi | founder and on the basis of the artist’s lived commitment to sustainability and peace. We encourage natural paints and will offer workshops to encourage all things restorative in how we live day to day. Overtime, selected artists will work together to curate the collection. At this time, the | epi | Founder is approaching artists interested to participate.

The collection will be offered in online auctions to support local research centers across the country!

Featured Artist

Photography of the North Olympic Peninsula is provided by Marcus Butler of under creative commons copyright. As an artist for peace with decades of shots in the pilot project study area, we plan to showcase a curated selection of his exceptional work through our online gallery. Marcus’s vast collection is best viewed on his social media site, as his website is not yet current. He is redeveloping prints to launch after his sixtieth birthday and as he explores the lastest developments in equipment and technology.

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