The Institute uses privacy-aware internet approaches for communication only when it serves a purpose that could not be fulfilled in person.

econ4peace Video Call

We use a GDPR-compliant video conferencing tool for | epi | online offerings including: Cooperatives Cafe and Internet Pure and Simple. On occasion, a password may be required. If you don’t have it, please contact us prior to the workshop,…

detailsecon4peace Video Call

About our Websites

The beta sites are the building blocks and content of where we plan to go with online communications. What you see now is an organized approach to delivering on our programmatic objectives. We plan to create a online hub for…

detailsAbout our Websites

In Person Communication Is Best

In every way possible and as policy, we we prefer direct one-on-one communication by phone or in person rather than electronic, digitally-mediated conversation. Human experience is imbued with so many layers of perceptual understanding that only in-person conversation can fully…

detailsIn Person Communication Is Best
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