Don’t we all?! We require consistent monthly cash flow in order to do the groundwork! You can help us by funding our monthly sustaining donor campaign. You can also share our plan with individuals of means and good will. We’d be happy to answer questions, which we generally do by appt. Other ways to fund “the groundwork” are presented below. Thank you for your generosity always!

Outreach Media Kit

Outreach and Fundraising FAQ Thank you for accessing these resources! This media kit is designed to help you teach about our work and answer questions. Your part can be meaningful in a range of ways. The primary goal of our…

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Send a check

Economics for Peace Institute, PO Box 1837, Port Townsend, WA 98368 Questions? Feel free to call. main office: 360-390-5253 Please make a note in your check memo if you would like to designate your contribution to a particular campaign, such…

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Paypal and Paypal Gives

You can donate through paypal as we have a charitable organization account agreement with paypal. You can also donate using paypal through our Philantro donation portal. It is an option for you to choose when making a donation. For instance,…

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Amazon Smiles

Donate if you buy online. Everything helps. However, we prioritize local economic development and hope to phase out our use of the Amazon Smiles platform in good time. Thank you for your contribution. Select Amazon Smiles in your account settings…

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