Don’t we all?! We require consistent monthly cash flow in order to do the groundwork! You can help us by funding our monthly sustaining donor campaign. You can also share our plan with individuals of means and good will. We’d be happy to answer questions, which we generally do by appt. Other ways to fund “the groundwork” are presented below. Thank you for your generosity always!

Become a sustaining donor

Your consistent financial support will allow us to conduct participatory research with more and more communities. Good information is necessary to good decisions. Biased information continues to undermine the world’s democracies, peoples and ecosystems. The antidote is participatory research to…

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Online portal for donations

We hope you’ll contribute to our efforts to build a research institute to advance participatory research in public decision making. Donors may contribute safely with either a debit card or through PayPal. Enjoy the flexibility to donate less or more…

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Checks welcome.

At this time, it is our hope you will contribute to our general fund. You may also designate your contribution to a particular project that you find the most compelling. We will provide regular updates on the project of interest…

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