|epi| Economic Development Program

Sell items on Ebay

Declutter and save the transaction costs if you donate proceeds to a nonprofit, such as Economics for Peace Institute. We are a partnering charitable organization on ebay.


Amazon Smiles

Donate if you buy online. Everything helps. However, we prioritize local economic development and hope to phase out our use of the Amazon Smiles platform in good time. Thank you for your contribution. Select Amazon Smiles in your account settings…


Current Newsletters

Let’s get organized! Newsletters to resume in April 2022. We encourage you to subscribe through the widget found in the footer. Thank you. Through GDPR-compliant technology, we utilize the world wide web for the purpose of communicating about our work…


Onboarding with Economics for Peace Institute

When you have had time to consider what draws you most to working with | epi |, please send us your completed details. Thank you. With much appreciation for your interest and your ongoing discovery of what is most compelling…


Previous Newsletters and Lead Up

Newsletters from April 2020. The Institute ramped up for relaunch in 2020 after a ten-year hiatus. Then, the pandemic. Why the hiatus? This time afforded a participatory research sabbatical otherwise known in the jargon as time to be a participant…


| epi | Projects Overview

Our current projects center on outreach. A strategic set of tasks is shown below. You are welcome to join in. We are a volunteer-driven organization. We use video calls and a kanban board to keep organized and coordinate our synergistic…

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