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Articles, essays, papers and opinions. Guest writers and | epi | Associates provide perspectives on restoring ecological systems through principled economic development and democratic governance. Contributors in chronological order include: Forthcoming


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Let’s get organized! Newsletters to resume in April 2022. We encourage you to subscribe through the widget found in the footer. Thank you. Through GDPR-compliant technology, we utilize the world wide web for the purpose of communicating about our work…


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Newsletters from April 2020. The Institute ramped up for relaunch in 2020 after a ten-year hiatus. Then, the pandemic. Why the hiatus? This time afforded a participatory research sabbatical otherwise known in the jargon as time to be a participant…


econ4peace Supporter Posts and Comments

If you feel like leaders cannot hear you or may not be ideally informed, this is an opportunity to develop a true grassroots organization not beholding to the dominant political parties. 11.30.21 ~ Wayne Talmage, Pioneering Organic Fruit Farmer –…

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