A New Economics

Economics of Community Well-Being and Ecosystem Stewardship
Oikos = Hearth
New Economics
Restorative Economics
Democratic decision making
participatory development
restore land tenure
economics of everyday life

TRANSFORM (in common – old and new)
Our political economy
A public good
Common Pool Resources

The Groundwork Project

COMMUNITY CIRCLES FOR COMMON GROUND – PLACE-BASED RESEARCH BY LOCALS Economics for Peace Institute encourages communities to establish baseline indicators of community well-being and ecosystem stewardship for the purposes of planning, implementation and evaluation. We are running a two-year (2022,…


Cooperatives Cafe ~ ongoing monthly

The cooperative model is an opportunity to restore the means of production to local people so that they may become producers. Through these monthly discussions and other outreach, we are growing a network of individuals to explore and later implement…


The Artists for Peace Collection

Our shop is where to for the online gallery Artists for Peace in support of The Groundwork Project and other critical initiatives of Economics for Peace Institute. We are particularly interested in showcasing place-based artists whose work uniquely evokes a…

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