As soon as next Fall 2022, we plan to provide an online marketplace for the sale of locally-produced items to support local research and research centers across the country. The information we share involves the preliminary work to be done to support local producers including online independence, restorative land tenure and the means of production in the hands of local producers.

Internet Pure and Simple – Online Mini Class

Online independence is critical to reforming the online marketplace. This class is a first step. Once you learn a few things, you will find it easy to share with others and help shift a problematic that must be addressed for…


Shop | Plastics Free

Markets require perfect information to avoid externalities. We hope to provide a means to inform local markets with participatory research on what helps rather than harms. We will develop local markets wherever we are running The Groundwork Project. We will…


Cooperatives Cafe ~ ongoing monthly

The cooperative model is an opportunity to restore the means of production to local people so that they may become producers. Through these monthly discussions and other outreach, we are growing a network of individuals to explore and later implement…


The Artists for Peace Collection

Our shop is where to for the online gallery Artists for Peace in support of The Groundwork Project and other critical initiatives of Economics for Peace Institute. We are particularly interested in showcasing place-based artists whose work uniquely evokes a…


econ4peace seal

Our primary objective is to build social fieldwork expertise in local communities and their leadership in order to have the requisite information and local support to improve marketplace information and avoid externalities in the production function. For participatory evaluation to…

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