We provide workshops in person and webinars online. Occasionally, a training event may be hybrid, or include both. Training will occur through courses and also during social fieldwork activities – on the fly – for those on hand. Courses will include theoretical and applied fieldwork explanations with time for hands-on demonstration and practice.

Workshop-type training and more formal courses will always cover methods in qualitative research including thematic coding. We will also explore the difference between authentic real-time exchange and the results derived from mediated research tools such as polls, surveys and even online inquiry.

Before and beyond statistics. Course participants will acquire insights sufficient to articulately speak through the notion of validity in artificial intelligence schematics. Based on authentic real-time observation and analysis, participants will be able to clearly explain why bioinformatics and machine learning display the paucity of reality in data mining attempts to replicate the complexity of human being.

Fieldnotes: Each setting is uniquely different. Discovering ease as a participant observer takes time and a particular courage that not all share. If you are well-suited to that effort, then social fieldwork might just be an important array of skills to add to your bag of tricks! We need all hands on deck at this time.

The Groundwork Project will have many teachable moments for social fieldwork and other expertise. The process of learning will be for all involved and especially for those coordinating events as we all learn together. There are opportunities to also organize workshops run by locals on particular matters or skills relevant to the group and the Groundwork Project pilot study.

Through the Guild for Social Fieldwork, the Institute will eventually coordinate and promote workshops and webinars by Guild members. The Institute plans to build out the The Guild in 2023.

A self-paced course in Social Fieldwork is in the works, and may be available as early as the Winter of 2022/23.

The Groundwork Project

COMMUNITY CIRCLES FOR COMMON GROUND – PLACE-BASED RESEARCH BY LOCALS Economics for Peace Institute encourages communities to establish baseline indicators of community well-being and ecosystem stewardship for the purposes of planning, implementation and evaluation. We are running a two-year (2022,…


About Social Fieldwork

Social fieldwork is practical research that ensures real local input is at the table when public decisions are made. The institute fosters social fieldwork by local people so place-based communities can come together around baseline indicators of community well-being and…


Social Fieldwork Research Teams

Cooperative social fieldwork research teams emerge informally through practice and experience. Social fieldwork teams are comprised of locals and professionals supporting research in their place-based communities. The focus of research is to support good decisions on issues urgent or long…


Introduction to Social Fieldwork – Online Course

Wednesdays • 6 to 8pm Starts May 18 through June 15 This is an invitation for planners, electeds and all other folks and ages.  The course is designed both for individuals with credentials, and those without. Course includes individual Q&A…


Visit Website of the Guild for Social Fieldwork

The Guild for Social Fieldwork is an initiative of Economics for Peace Institute to network practitioners and share resources. Starting in 2023, Economics for Peace Institute will offer membership in the Guild. If the initiative is a success, the Guild…


Social Fieldwork Training Overview

We provide workshops in person and webinars online. Occasionally, a training event may be hybrid, or include both. We provide in person workshops for and by locals. The Groundwork Project will have many teachable moments for social fieldwork. We will…

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