Tell people about our work and encourage them to support independent local research by local people. For now, everyone involved is a volunteer until we grow the sustaining donor campaign. Contribute today!

We’d like to create livelihood through employment with local research centers for and by the people across the country. You can help make that possible by educating others and encouraging their small monthly support contribution! We’d be happy to talk with you individually or as a group to that end.

If you’d like to volunteer more directly, we’d love good help! We would talk together to formulate a consistent plan for weekly connection. If this is of interest, be in touch. Please send information about your background and interests. If agreeable, you’d be taking part in our build out of the organization and/or contribute to research, educational outreach, and local sustainable development projects. We have a selection process and do not onboard all volunteers.

If you are onboarded and trained, you would need to track your time to substantiate in-kind contributions. Any work performed would be strictly pro bono and would not be compensated at a future date. At a future date, there is some chance you could be hired, but no guarantees as we must needs be very selective in our hiring process when that time comes. Read on for details.

Inviting Partners and Sponsors

The Institute’s Board of Directors approved a fund for social enterprise sponsorships. This fund could in time become an independent Foundation to support social fieldwork education and research. If approved, funding sources would have met requirements established through participatory evaluation…

detailsInviting Partners and Sponsors
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