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We leverage technology that protects privacy while still being aesthetic, user friendly and privacy protecting. This is our techculture, but not the focus of our work life. We use technology to support equitable development without profiteering on the intellectual property of others.

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Markets require perfect information to avoid externalities. We hope to provide a means to inform local markets with participatory research on what helps rather than harms. We will develop local markets wherever we are running The Groundwork Project. We will…

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The beta sites are the building blocks and content of where we plan to go with online communications. What you see now is an organized approach to delivering on our programmatic objectives. We plan to create a online hub for…

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Your consistent financial support will allow us to conduct participatory research with more and more communities. Good information is necessary to good decisions. Biased information continues to undermine the world’s democracies, peoples and ecosystems. The antidote is participatory research to…

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Economics for Peace Institute, PO Box 1837, Port Townsend, WA 98368 Questions? Feel free to call. main office: 360-390-5253 Please make a note in your check memo if you would like to designate your contribution to a particular campaign, such…

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