Community Mediation Center

The need for community mediation is omnipresent – historically and today. On the Qumiper Peninsula, the need for place-based community mediation services is unmet. Creating a culture of peace and mediation towards resolution of civil disputes is critical – now more than ever. We propose a volunteer model of mediation in which local people train to become mediators for others in the community. Such an approach and model exists across the country and the world. The approach serves to build a culture of peace through excellent communication and to encourage integrity and good faith in transactional exchange whether public or private.

Recently, the Institute formed Community Mediation Outfitters to support development of a community center on the Quimper Peninsula. The Institute will serve as fiscal agent and development facilitator.

We propose that the center begin with landlord-tenant and neighbor-neighbor disputes to increase affordable housing stock. Other case types merit consideration.

photo by marcus butler

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