Online Meetups and Research Support

econ4peace supporters also volunteer in their place-based communities to provide outreach, to take part in The Groundwork Project or to conduct social fieldwork for other purposes requiring local voice. For local input, preference is given to in person dialogue in local places (outside or inside) comfortable to local people in all walks of life. Keep in mind that each common ground event is based on one community per person (hint: snowbirds).

Supporters connect through profiles, content, inspiration, techniques and actions to support economics for peace as a means to restore earth’s ecological systems. Working online when we are too far apart to meet in person, saves fuel and still allows for supporting each other’s efforts in day-to-day life and to promote the mission and vision of economics for peace institute | epi |.

The Institute is global in scope, yet local in focus. We work together to focus on community well-being and ecosystem stewardship as understood by individuals through discourse in their place-based communities. We encourage real-time and in person conversation.

The Groundwork Project encourages input through place-based community conversation with the goal of finding common ground and establishing baseline indicators of community well-being and ecosystem stewardship. Individuals do not need to go online to provide local input or take part in the Groundwork Project. The idea is to meet people where they are at.

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