Cooperatives Cafe ~ ongoing monthly

The cooperative model is an opportunity to restore the means of production to local people so that they may become producers. Through these monthly discussions and other outreach, we are growing a network of individuals to explore and later implement a well considered set of approaches for making this happen.

Cooperatives Cafe • every 2nd Monday at 6pm

Join us through our GDPR secure online video call feature.

A sustainable local economy is built with the hands of local producers whether farm-based or drawing from other trades. Spread the word so we can maximize the potential of creating multiple new local economic engines where local people fund locals!

To produce locally, locals require the means of production. We need to embrace a new approach for distributing the means of production away from centralized control and profit exploitation by venture capital. Online independence is necessary, and so is the pooling of resources with a focus on self-sufficiency and the local production of locally-sourced, non-plastic goods.

The Cooperatives Cafe is an online incubator talking space for emergent cooperatives of all kinds. We are particularly interested in concepts and cooperatives that support home ownership, homesteading, self-sufficiency in sustainable community, and the means of production.
• Offering supportive mentored environment for new housing linked to grower and work spaces (studios, workshops, …)
• Beyond Leasing: Co-develop new right-sized sustainable independent housing and land ownership through producer cooperatives.
• Opening new investor pools for coop financing in the region.
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Time: 6pm | Location: Online

The Cooperatives Cafe began on Monday, March 14. Help us grow the network.

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