Introduction to Digital Independence

First training Tuesday, March 12

10 to 11:30pm pacific time • 1.5hrs

max class size – 6 people

If you can’t make this time, see below for options to create your own group class with minimum of three people at a time of your choosing.

$60 half price if register by Weds, March 6.

Training is available for sustaining donors and supporting nonprofits only. Sustaining donors support the research institute at a minimum of $2 per month or have donated over $120 to date in 2024.

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To get a head start, download Firefox and set DuckDuckGo as your default search engine. You might also wish learn more about why to use a VPN in light of the privacy policy issues of internet service providers. You can learn a great deal by simply reading privacy policies. Skip to the section about what and with whom data is shared. Also read up on the why and when of GDPR standards and requirements.

Introductory pricing for one week only! $60 per person per 1.5 hr training session.

Set a time of your choosing for a group of 3 or more. Available dates for your self-made groups follow:

Weds, March 13

Thurs, March 14

Fri, March 15

Sat, March 16

If you can’t make the 10am PT session on March 12, you may arrange for another session at the time of your choosing if a group of 3 or more. You arrange who and when. Then, let us know your plans at We will coordinate with you. On your end, we suggest using when is good or straw poll to find available times that coincide for everyone in your group.


Digital independence is critical to reforming democracy and the marketplace. Discovering that there is another way to getting your tasks done is a first step.

Once you learn a few things, you will find it easy to share with others and help shift a problematic that must be addressed for a new economy. It is not the only thing that must be done, but it is one of a constellation of activities. An infographic is in the works to present the vectors of engagement that the Institute recommends.

Digital awareness. Things can be better.

–    Join others to learn a way forward beyond big tech.

–    Learn how to determine which digital services protect your intellectual property and interests, and which ones don’t. Discover services that don’t sell or share your data.

– Depending on a range of factors, it may require a follow up to get the hang of it. For this reason, organizing a session with people you know such as friends or family is a good idea. After the training, you can help each other out and fill in gaps of understanding that one may have and not another.

–    In time, we plan to offer a help desk and follow up training options for those that may benefit.

Affordable and Approachable – Everyone learns a bit differently. We offer patient and kind instruction. Sliding scale cost also possible. Let us know what you need.

GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation and is thus far the most stringent requirement to protect personal information online. Despite Brexit, Great Britain and the Commonwealth continue to require GDPR in online communications. GDPR is more stringent than CCPA, California’s recently implemented California Consumer Privacy Act. Many states in U.S. are following suit.

It may be a bit of a process. You will gradually develop new habits. After five years of trial and error, we do not have all the answers. Still, we are comfortable with how well the tools and approaches work. We can help you and then, you can help others. Or refer them to us.  We can all continue to learn and practice together. Let’s support the developers who are trying to help us all! These people are amazing!

Check back for schedule of training sessions. The next series to begin in May at discounted price of $90 for donors and supporters through September 21.

Why? We developed an understanding and practice of digital independence to protect those who take part in community research. We honor the principles of do no harm and rely on an Institutional Review Board process to ensure we get it right. Digital independence is part of the safety net we provide for our participants. By our example, we hope many other institutions and organizations including government will be more careful about the services they employ.

Become a sustaining donor

If you are not already, become a sustaining donor by clicking the green donate button at the top of the website. Then, register for digital independence training.

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