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Become a sustaining donor – we need your consistent financial support in order to provide neutral, science-based research for and by the people. We count on small donations of whatever amount you can afford. Many small donations allow us to remain independent and avoid the pervasive conflicts of interest that can affect nonprofits. Local people and local leaders need better information. You can make it happen from the ground up with your contribution today!

You can pay annually or on a monthly basis online. You can pay quarterly by check. Let us know if you would like a reminder for quarterly contributions.

Be one of the wonderful people who helped us reach our goal for Spring 2022! Our goal is $1500 in monthly contributions so that we can expand outreach to locals in our pilot study area – the Northern Olympic Peninsula (Jefferson, Clallam and Kitsap) – and, expand outreach to other bioregions.

Join other donors contributing in any amount to support The Groundwork Project! Our funding model is to train local people in social fieldwork supported by individual donations from within their bioregion and beyond. We hope this builds bridges of understanding between regions and even nations.

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Act now to protect our biosphere through local research!

Social fieldwork offers more traction than citizen science alone. Local people are empowered to inform economic resource use questions, rather than observing the ongoing demise of ecological and social systems. Economics in essence is the management of resources. We can do better.

Mission Statement

Economics for Peace Institute, a nonprofit, works globally through education, research and economic development to build peace, foster sustainability, and restore the Earth’s natural systems. The Institute’s work is measured by local people for its social benefits, its economic fairness and its ability to preserve ecosystems for future generations.

Our work must foremost benefit local people in sustainable ways based on participatory evaluation. Baseline indicators of community well-being and ecosystem stewardship are critical to this evaluation.

As we grow, your contribution affords us the chance to be selective in applying for grant funding or large donor contributions. We will do so only if we can authentically sync an alignment with our mission and programmatic objectives.

Pay by check or through an online donation tool!

We crowd-source donations with Philantro. Why do we like Philantro? The Board of Directors of Economics for Peace Institute approved the use of an online donation tool in 2016. As an organization, we lead on privacy protecting online research and implementation. Criteria for approval included ease of use, integration with the | epi | selection of online communication tools, and GDPR-compliant privacy.

We like its customization for research institutes and nonprofits. We like the friendly and helpful staff. The management team is responsive and looks to the horizon. They are leaders in privacy compliant online donation to protect you from ad serving and more! We like their automations like an immediate receipt to donor, year-end reports for donors, great tracking tools and lots more! And, they keep getting better! Thank you, Philantro!

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