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Support a research institute that supports local people – to better inform public decisions where they live.

When we all take part in place-based community research, we contribute in the aggregate to restoring peace which is fundamentally necessary to restoring the biosphere.

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With your donation – whether one time or sustaining, we can reach more people to build common ground across the rhetorical divide. This takes “in person” conversation and first-hand observation to better inform public decisions from the ground up.

Funds go towards building support for community research and The Groundwork Project.

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Donate to an emerging community mediation center

In unique circumstances and where there exists an unmet need, the Institute guides participatory engagement of community members to develop mediation centers. We begin with supporting the development community mediation center near or in Port Townsend.

The need for community mediation is omnipresent. Recently, the Institute formed Community Mediation Outfitters to support the local community as fiscal agent and facilitator. We propose that the center begin with landlord-tenant and neighbor-neighbor disputes to increase affordable housing stock. Other case types merit consideration.

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Economics for Peace Institute is a registered 501c3 research Institute. The Institute is a registered nonprofit in Washington and Colorado.

NTEE code: Research Institutes and/or Public Policy Analysis (C05)

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Formally designated activities conducted by Economics for Peace Institute include: Citizen Participation (W24), Environment, Civic participation, and Community and economic development

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