Earth Day 2022 | Outreach for

Economy is the art and science of caring for our home, our planet.

Let’s celebrate everyone’s amazing effort to build a fair economy where we live! Peace is a pre-condition for sustainability.

Friday, April 22, 2022 – 4 to 8pm

  • $8 online.  $10 at the door.
  • Family and group discounts for 4 or more!

All ages welcome! Older and younger alike! We have plenty of chairs!

12 and under free.  Teens-$4 online and 6 at the door.

Invitation to ParticipateVendors • Eco-Initiatives • Posters

Earth-friendly sustainable local vendors welcome!

Vendor Ticket Fee $20 includes admission for two people. Pay online using ticket button. Reserve by Sunday, April 17.

Let’s celebrate all the good work already done! We can celebrate the milestones – past, present and future – that keep making us better stewards in caring for the earth in our day-to-day.

This is all happening and evolving every day! Read on to take part and share your good work!

6:30 pm – Original Music by The Shift! ~ Modern Folk | energetic, driven folk/rock, with a reggae backbone

4 to 5pm – Children’s Circle ~ Interconnectedness and sharing the commons

4 to 6pm – Trading Blanket – Bring items you are ready to trade. Key to entry: ask about and take part in community circles for common ground. Volunteers will help with your trades at the event

A & H Grill – Ashley and crew will be there all afternoon to spread their food cheer!

Vendors and tabling of all kinds: herbs, farmer’s artisanal goods, coconut ice cream, cbd lotions, Chimacum t͡ʃə́mqəm long-house project, earth-friendly children’s books and more in the works …. all making an effort on low waste **

4 to 6pm – Upstairs in the Grange Hall

The Chimacum River Story – Bring your stories of Chimacum River restoration and experience as far back as you can go! We’ll create a community timeline to help with a shared overview of what can be done next to protect not only this watershed, but all waters feeding the Salish Sea.

Eco-Initiative Posters – Dream big. Share your work bringing forward a sustainable and fair economy. $10 includes admission.

Downstairs – Silent Auction (Artists for Peace and more)

Overflow parking at Chimacum High School across Rhody Drive.

We aim for being a no waste, no plastic event. Plastic-free wrist bands. Please bring your own bowls, cups and utensils and all you are used to for camping or picnicking! If you don’t have a cup, then you’ll be able to borrow from the Grange – with the understanding that you will be washing your own use of dishes to tip-top – golden rule – level of clean. We don’t have a lot of plates or bowls. Donations to the Grange kitchen are welcome!

** Vendors who are transitioning away from plastic are encouraged. Contact us with questions. Reserve your space online by clicking the ticket button. You can pay online or make sure to have a check to us by February 15 – $20 fee sent to our PO Box.

Get involved and host a house party to learn more! Contact us for info kit or with your questions.


So thrilled you are joining in and learning more!

Let’s do the groundwork and find common ground to steer a sustainable local economy with meaningful indicators of community well-being and ecosystem stewardship. Without this, we are like rudderless. Peace is a pre-condition of resilience.

Help us promote The Groundwork Project

Resilience means how we adapt to change and difficulty like the heat dome, covid, forest fire, fuel price increases or population changes. How do we as individuals; how does your family; how does the community; how is the natural world able to spring back. The story of humpty-dumpty applies as some things may never be put together again. We need to act quickly but with the guidance of local insight and wisdom from the bottom-up. First, what is essential to community well-being and ecosystem stewardship in day-to-day terms. An example of resilience would be people adapting to the floods that hit Forks and Clallam Bay area. If people adapted relatively easily, that is resilience. Is there anything unrecoverable? There is much to discuss on these points.

Local Sustainable Economic Development

The Institute hopes to fund local research by local people in many ways, including by building sound local markets to showcase emergent small business with a focus on sustainability that supports community well-being and ecosystem stewardship. We protect emergent intellectual property and ingenuity to build a fair local economy that is sustainable.

Theme of Earth Day Info Exhibits and Vendors. This is all in the works and we welcome your hands on help! Thank you.

6 vendor spots remain and 12 poster placements remain.

Posters can be as simple as a hand-drawn image of your hope, work, project with contact info. We recommend upcycling cardboard or other materials. No plastics please. Sizes from 8.5×11 to 24 x 36. Inquire about larger. Thank you.

Postering: Low key “Healthy Living” celebration for socio-cultural exchange on natural healing pathways, essential oils and herbs, kitchen garden dome design, sound tuning, Housing Solutions Network Sanitation HAT background paper, water conservation, and more! “Socio-ecological interconnectivity” through Chimacum River Story, non-timber harvesting, local plant storytime, shellfish barometer, pollinator care and handling, flower power and more! We would like to feature capacity building for hot composting in a wet climate, natural building with local materials and salvage, sanitation for water quality and human health, avoiding plastics eliminating plastic leakage into the environment and all fossil-fuel toxicity slowly but surely, eco advocacy groups, hiking clubs, biking trails, Earth steward organizations are welcome to set up an info table.

This is a work in progress. We hope to grow an organizing group to continue to support outreach for The Groundwork Project next year. Organizing for Next Year. If all goes well, we’ll keep celebrating each year on Earth Day. Would you like to be part of the team that makes this happen next year? Join in the coordination committee! Let’s get to know each other and find out what energizes our hopefulness towards the celebration of common ground next year: 2023! We invite participation in the coordination team of Earth Day organizers. We want to enact our common ground engagement through a team built of locals and new locals. The team will be supported in working together towards an inclusive, fun and friendly event for all.

Inquiries welcome. We’ll get back within the day. We are all volunteers. Thank you for taking part in our efforts!

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