econ4peace Video Conferencing

We use a GDPR-compliant video conferencing tool for | epi | online offerings including: Cooperatives Cafe and Internet Pure and Simple.

On occasion, a password may be required. If you don’t have it, please contact us prior to the workshop, class, worksession or other event online.

If you have a chance, please test the video features before your meeting. We use Jitsi which may be a bit different than what you have used prior.

If you need help during an event, please let us know through chat. We’ll try to help. We may not be able to fix it, but we can certainly schedule a good time to follow up. If you can, please test the link prior to the event. If you experience technical issues, contact us. We’ll try to be in touch within 24 hours.

If you plan to work with us regularly, please also create a Signal account on your phone and then on your desktop. If we are working together on an ongoing basis, we may for instance, switch to Signal either on desktop or phone depending on the number in a call or other considerations. Thank you for preparing ahead.

We also use Freeconferencecall for large online meetings.

We are testing internet tools to find the ones that work best for everyone while being GDPR compliant. Feel free to connect with us in the ways that work best for you. Tech culture is not central to our mission, just a support. Face-to-face, in person and in groups is our preferred method of conversation, networking, connecting, social fieldwork and participatory action research.

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