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Our primary objective is to build social fieldwork expertise in local communities and their leadership in order to have the requisite information and local support to improve marketplace information and avoid externalities in the production function. For participatory evaluation to occur, local people must come together and agree on what matters most. From there, easily-comprehensible, descriptions of baseline indicators in the colloquial phrasing of locals will serve as a guide. It is important to restore and refresh local language.

Furthermore, particular dimensions of each a set of local baseline indicators may be generalizable, that is shared, across bioregions. Comparative studies are planned once we reach a threshold number of cases for comparison. Commonalities, if understood, would improve policy development at the nation state level and possibly more broadly. In this way, leaders and local people could connect most effectively to address ecological or socio-cultural crisis operating at a global scale.

First, the groundwork must be done to establish baseline indicators for the purpose of evaluation and to inform public decisions.

In time, the Institute will provide certification for products and brands in keeping with measures of community well-being and ecosystem stewardship.

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