Outreach Media Kit

Outreach and Fundraising FAQ

Thank you for accessing these resources! This media kit is designed to help you teach about our work and answer questions.

Your part can be meaningful in a range of ways. The primary goal of our fundraising is to create opportunities for outreach, make new friends and strengthen existing friendships. If folks are keen on seeing things get better, then I ask if they’d like to get on our newsletter list. Having folks subscribe to our newsletter about a substantive solution is more important than having them become a sustaining donor. No need to push the criticality of funding. If they can help fund us, they will. Through good rapport and our newsletters, we can ensure direct, ongoing education and outreach critical to the econ4peace mission and making a real difference!

So, the most important thing is: ‘raise awareness.’ Keep it light, encouraging and inspiring. For many, this may be the first time they learn about social fieldwork and its importance in conservation or ecological restoration. Teach and educate as best you can. From my own experience, it gets easier as you go.

Social equity issues are not just about color. And, good decisions need more than a pre-occupation with environmental justice as a category of offense. BIPOC issues are traumatic. I know this first-hand. All the same, the situation is such that now – this moment – all are affected. We need better local information to inform nation scale policy and implementation. Social fieldwork can provide that information. Let’s keep it substantive, solution-based and forward-thinking.

Myriem Le Ferrand, founder

Help us get do the groundwork! Point potential supporters to our sustaining donor campaign. Encourage them to support us financially. Every donation matters! Our sustaining donor campaign is like crowd-funding kickstarter! We need your help to get more people involved in this good work – the groundwork! Thank you for fundraising to promote social fieldwork and Economics for Peace Institute!


  • Preparation
  • Steps you can take
  • Our Fundraising Approach and Suggestions
    • Check out various ways to donate to Economics for Peace Institute.
    • About target pledge levels
    • Payment methods and security
    • Sharing on social media and through email
    • Building relationships with local sponsors
    • Building relationships with large donors
    • Your input is encouraged
  • | epi | Media Kit Resources
    • Images
    • Words and Content
    • Press Releases
    • Weblinks
    • Film Suggestions
    • Book and Literature Suggestions
    • Selection of Memes

This is a start. We hope to make the kit better and better!



1. Easy
Email or share on social media our Sustaining Donor Campaign page.

2. Next up less easy

Send email again and make a call to each friend. Learn about all the ways that supporters can fund our work on the Ways to Donate Menu. Tell them about our work in person. Sign up as a fundraiser on the same page.

3. Not so easy, but totally doable. Thank you!!!

Maintain consistent follow up until we reach $1500 per month. Send emails, make calls, and follow up each day on your social media platform of choice: Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook and so on. Mix and match content in ways that most inspire you!


Check out the various ways to donate to Economics for Peace Institute. Click below.

Also, click on the donation button and understand how it works by testing it out, just in case anyone needs help with it.

About Target Pledge Levels

Suggest $10 to $100 per month. Folks can donate less if they like. And, they can donate more.

If you’d like to focus on higher level of donations, that’d be great! If you feel comfortable, go for it!!!

$10 per month

$1500 per month if 150 donors

Funds outreach and | epi | demonstration ‘baseline indicator’ study including The Groundwork Project. As we are able to raise more funding though individual donations, we can expand our research support for social fieldwork into other neighborhoods, counties and regions.

$20 per month

75 donors!

Funds development of Social Fieldwork Toolkit and training program

$50 per month

30 donors!

Expands outreach, education and on-call support for Community Circles into other bioregions.

Payment Methods and Security

By by check, monthly or annually.

By using our online Donation Tool powered by Philantro.

Philantro Security and Selection: read at bottom of Sustaining Donor Campaign page.

We also have a paypal account. Visit our Paypal Overview page.

Sharing on Social Media

Philatnro Donation Form has a clickable f link to fb, in for Linkedin, and bird for twitter. Go to the Sustaining Donor Campaign page and scroll down to the form to see.

Share our Sustaining Donor Campaign page through email or social media


We appreciate donations by local businesses towards our community circles. We will provide cling stickers for their shops and business offices.

We already are receiving food donations from local farms in Center Valley and will make sure to give credit for their fine efforts on our bulletin boards online and at the Grange.

For now, please suggest that they take advantage of Paypal Gives to encourage their customers to contribute a portion of their purchase to Economics for Peace Institute.

Let’s work on ways to bring wonderful sponsors into our circle and celebrate together every bit of progress we make. I’d like to arrange for quarterly social gatherings such as picnics and hikes and beach walks to keep building our econ4peace community. What ideas do you have?


This campaign does not have for goal, donations by large donors. But, please do not let this hold you back. I plan to work more directly on developing these materials. For now, I can customize a packet for their review and we can set up a time to talk directly if that is helpful. I’ll let you arrange the details. We can develop this set of materials in time.

You are invited to help us develop our strategy.

Our work is based on team organization. We will communicate through bulk email, but also hopefully you can talk directly with other fundraisers. Cooperation is encouraged. We will also create opportunities for weekly teleconferencing in the month of December and during active campaigns.

For now, please let Myriem know what else you might need or like to need. She will do her best to accommodate.



Post on social media or send as an inline photo as part of an email introduction to social fieldwork and Economics for Peace Institute.

Images are available to Associates through our office portal. If you don’t have access to the portal and would like to get more involved, consider becoming an Associate. Learn More.

In time, we will also set up downloads of a subset of content for all volunteers and volunteer fundraisers. For now, please take screenshots.

Instructions for Windows 10 are provided at the end of this section. how-to-geek is creator of the linked instructions. If you need help on a mac, please contact us.

Photopoet photos – Choice of archival print from four photos by Marcus Butler of photopoet.earth Take a screenshot of the four photos grouped. Do not enlarge as resolution will be poor. The archival prints are very high resolution, crisp and amazing. Marcus Butler’s fb page displays many, more than on his website still in development. He plans to start selling prints as limited-edition, high resolution archival prints and digital downloads in the next year or two. Always post with attribution and creative commons copywrite Marcus Butler.

Take screenshots you can send in email with attribution or post with attribution. Here are some examples of screenshots you may wish to take.

  1. Take screenshots four photos by photopoet.earth.
  2. Take a screenshot of Donation Tool Tiered Pledges when you activate the Philantro donation tool.
  3. Take screenshots of content our newsletters or website, as you wish and with attribution econ4peace.org

Words and Content (to be developed)

Most important, is for you to introduce our work in your own words. Share with people what you think social fieldwork can do to restore democracy and improve ecological resilience!

Go through the website and pull content into a notes file. Draw from there what you think is important. Below you will find a possible scenario for what you might write or say:

  • The information is to help you share with others what social fieldwork can do to bridge current divides and inform public decisions in a way that can make a difference.
  • The situation is bleak, but let us not despair. We need to establish a solid foundation for our better futures!
  • We need to take substantive action now! We need to unite across the chasm of misunderstanding.

Please also refer to a listing of written content by econ4peace supporters from their own postings, essays and transmittals.

Web links

Sustaining Donor Campaign Overview


Ways to Donate


The Guild for Social Fieldwork Ways to Donate page


Mission and Vision of Economics for Peace Institute


Feel free to select content and add your comments from any other page on one of our two sites:

  • Economics for Peace Institute
  • Guild for Social Fieldwork

Copy and past url the url and enter your wording as you would for a share or email forward.

Home Page of Economics for Peace Institute


Home Page of Guild for Social Fieldwork


Add your comments from the when you share from sites of our sponsors. The earthball booklet, drafted over 30 years ago, also contains many beautiful quotes, games and inspirational content you are welcome to share.

Site of Marcus Butler, photographer


Film Suggestions

Post Films as Trailers to segue to the importance of social fieldwork. Watch the film yourself and add your personal impressions.

  • Fieldwork on Kanopy
  • David Attenborough: A Life on our Planet on Netflix

In House | epi | Video

  • Dorothy Rupert’s Interview by Myriem in 2016 (video to add)

More to come. What would you suggest?

Book and Literature Suggestions

Post Books and Literature to segue to the importance of social fieldwork. Read the book yourself and add your personal impressions.

  • Whose Reality Counts by Robert Chamber, PhD.
  • Participatory Research in Conservation and Rural Livelihood by Louise Fortmann, PhD.
  • More to be listed soon and on | epi | Resources page.

In House | epi | Materials

  • Forthcoming
  • Previous Email Newsletters
  • Prospectus
  • Weblinks shown above
  • Our websites: econ4peace.org and www.socialfieldwork.net

More to come. What would you suggest?

Selection of Memes

Use these in email, text or on social media. One of our sponsors who is often on fb had a good collection to choose from. Contact Myriem (acting content developer, but not an fb user) if you would like one or more sent to you as .jpg by email attachment. We’ll eventually set this up as a download.

We will develop our own with a focus on education about social fieldwork. For now, you may also wish to look at our economics for peace fb page. our econ4peace fb page and instagram and twittter accounts are inactive to do circumstances beyond our control.

Myriem is reluctant to share memes, but they are popular despite the reductionist consequences. Use these with caution.

Social media is not public participation or community engagement. That is why social fieldwork is critical.

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