Outreach Media Kit

We offer a media kit to help you learn more and to tell others about our research.

An updated outreach kit will be available in April 2024.

Mission and Vision of Economics for Peace Institute

Feel free to select content and add your comments from any other page on one of our two sites:

  • Economics for Peace Institute
  • Guild for Social Fieldwork

Copy and past url the url and enter your wording as you would for a share or email forward.

Home Page of Economics for Peace Institute


Home Page of Guild for Social Fieldwork


Add your comments from the when you share from sites of our sponsors. The earthball booklet, drafted over 30 years ago, also contains many beautiful quotes, games and inspirational content you are welcome to share.

Site of marcus butler, photographer


Film Suggestions

Post Films as Trailers to segue to the importance of social fieldwork. Watch the film yourself and add your personal impressions.

  • Fieldwork on Kanopy
  • David Attenborough: A Life on our Planet on Netflix

In House | epi | Video

  • Dorothy Rupert’s Interview by Myriem in 2016 (video to add)

More to come. What would you suggest?

Book and Literature Suggestions

Post Books and Literature to segue to the importance of social fieldwork. Read the book yourself and add your personal impressions.

  • Whose Reality Counts by Robert Chamber, PhD.
  • Participatory Research in Conservation and Rural Livelihood by Louise Fortmann, PhD.
  • More to be listed soon and on | epi | Resources page.

In House | epi | Materials

  • Forthcoming
  • Previous Email Newsletters
  • Prospectus
  • Weblinks shown above
  • Our websites: econ4peace.org and www.socialfieldwork.net

More to come. What would you suggest?

Selection of Memes

Use these in email, text or on social media. One of our sponsors who is often on fb had a good collection to choose from. Contact Myriem (acting content developer, but not an fb user) if you would like one or more sent to you as .jpg by email attachment. We’ll eventually set this up as a download.

We will develop our own with a focus on education about social fieldwork. For now, you may also wish to look at our economics for peace fb page. our econ4peace fb page and instagram and twittter accounts are inactive to do circumstances beyond our control.

Myriem is reluctant to share memes, but they are popular despite the reductionist consequences. Use these with caution. They are a gift of marcus butler whose influence on fb was beautiful.

Social media is not public participation or community engagement. That is why social fieldwork is critical.

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