Place-based research for and by locals.

Economics for Peace Institute works from the rainforests and dairylands of the Pacific Northwest. The Institute is spearheading and coordinating a multi-year pilot study on the North Olympic Peninsula. This is a cross-jurisdictional study for people whose primary residence is in Clallam, Jefferson and Kitsap counties. Conversations resume in Fall 2024. Outreach and development continues.

Our Office and Community Research Lab

In the Pacific Northwest, the Institute is based at the Chimacum Grange – a relatively central location in the pilot study area for neutral meetups across rhetorical divides.

We will add other locations. Please be in touch if you would like to coordinate meetup logistics at another location. The Groundwork Project coordinators are looking for more locations across the study area in which to have research meetups to encourage access first hand and in person. We welcome your assistance with the footwork.

Starting projects in other regions

As we build out the materials and training for the North Olympic Peninsula study, we are developing a community research toolkit designed to be customized and adaptable for studies in other bioregions.

We will plan to replicate and continue to refine methods and process. The Institute already conducts outreach in other bioregions to encourage understanding and increase landscape scale effectiveness.

Economics for Peace Institute provides tools for communities to establish baseline indicators of community well-being and ecosystem stewardship for the purposes of planning, implementation and evaluation.

About our Flagship Study in the Pacific Northwest (PNW)

Local measures of peace and prosperity.

The North Olympic Peninsula Groundwork Project is an ongoing multi-year pilot study. As we take action to strengthen participatory action research and social fieldwork in the area, we continue to learn and develop participatory research strategy and method.

Locals are welcome to take part in exploratory conversations preceded by an introductory Q&A. This is a standing invitation for locals. Join in when it works for you. There is no “official” start date. We will have ways to help get you up to speed as needed.

Each session offers the opportunity to expand research to include more people; and to calibrate and refine our findings in a participatory way. The Groundwork Project is a framework for research that is iterative and adaptive.

Invitation to Participate

Jefferson, Kitsap and Clallam Counties• If you live in one of these counties full-time, join in! You may participate in the North Olympic Peninsula pilot study in a range of ways.

  • Reflect on ways in which community well-being and ecosystem stewardship is expressed in your day-to day life.
  • Keep notes and observe patterns.
  • Sign up for our newsletter to be informed of upcoming events.
  • Volunteer to support reposting outreach through social media.
  • Schedule an in-person* or virtual presentation about the-ground.work
  • Sign up to be the first to receive the forthcoming “The Groundwork Project Toolkit.”
  • Contribute to funding educational outreach by the Institute.
  • Volunteer in other ways by contacting our onboarding lead to find the best fit for your unique interests and talents/skills.
  • Offer or arrange for venues for participatory the-ground.work conversations in your neighborhood or community on the North Olympic Peninsula.

* When possible, outdoor gatherings around a campfire or picnic table are a wonderful option.

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