Mission | Vision

Mission Statement

Economics for Peace Institute, a nonprofit, works globally through education, research and economic development to build peace, foster sustainability, and restore the Earth’s natural systems. The Institute’s work is measured by local people for its social benefits, its economic fairness and its ability to preserve ecosystems for future generations.


The Institute promotes participatory research and participatory economic development. The Institute advances locally-derived, place-based indicators of community well-being and ecosystem stewardship.

The Institute teaches participatory action research (PAR), social fieldwork and other forms of qualitative research for planners, agency staff, academics, conservation specialists, community organizers, and others. The Institute develops local and regional practitioner networks in participatory research.

The Institute strengthens local economic viability through practical demonstration of cooperative business practices. Examples include locally-sourced online markets, participatory ecotourism initiatives, cooperative small business acquisition and cooperative homestead development. Each demonstration project is evaluated and/or certified in a participatory way, by local people through place-based indicators of community well-being and ecosystem stewardship.

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