Current Newsletters

Let’s get organized!

Newsletters to resume in April 2022. We encourage you to subscribe through the widget found in the footer. Thank you.

Through GDPR-compliant technology, we utilize the world wide web for the purpose of communicating about our work and to bring people together in real-time conversation. We also gather supporters online to meet through our video calling feature and to be able to connect online together. Updates regarding events and resources are found in our newsletter.

Many people’s contact info is awaiting a rock-solid, steady volunteer to enter names into our newsletter contact database. If you have the time to sign up through this website, it saves us much time so that we can focus elsewhere. Thank you.

Rock solid is that one must be ready to learn to engage online independence and demonstrate trustworthiness and consistently showing up as promised. We need folks who can do the building blocks of ensuring a strong, vibrant and responsive organization.

We are growing and becoming stronger as an organization every day. It is a learning process. Thank you for your understanding.

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