Onboarding with Economics for Peace Institute

When you have had time to consider what draws you most to working with | epi |, please send us your completed details. Thank you. With much appreciation for your interest and your ongoing discovery of what is most compelling and hopeful use of your time and expertise.

To help you in identifying your primary interests, please review the following two posts:

Inviting Volunteers and | epi | Associates: A Team Approach to Organizational Development

Volunteer Positions

Once we have your application, we will set up a time to meet in person or by phone. You will get to know the founder and other Associates or Volunteers. The other aspects of coming on board for | epi | Associates include:

  • Associates Agreement, Core Values Agreement and Co-Creators Agreement
  • IT Training
  • Meet ups in person and by phone
  • Drafting a short bio and sending us a bio pic
  • getting an econ4peace email account.

Once these stepping stones are completed, we are ready to get to work and have fun! You will receive discounts on events, shop gear and training. You are part of the econ4peace supporting cast and are welcome to participate in the online econ4peace community, if you like. More as it develops.

This form helps us identify volunteers interested in working more closely with our teams as | epi | Associates.

If selected, you would also be joining our main outreach and creatives team now forming.
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