Starting in April 2020, we invite people to join us and build two teams: a creatives team for outreach and a social fieldwork team for research.

The research team organizes critical ground-breaking new research in bioregional community well-being and ecosystem stewardship. We need to start now to set the course on our better futures.

For the creatives team, we are looking for block prints, cartoons, infographics, upcycled home gear, and more! Be part of a team! We’ll be coordinating participatory video displays and public art projects. We are ready to energize outreach and education. We rely on technology to conduct education and outreach, although our mission is very much offline!!!

Please send us your completed details. Thank you.

If selected, you will be joining our main outreach and creatives team now forming.
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error: Content is for those in common cause. We are not part of the data ocean that sends bits of plastic to the sea.