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Markets require perfect information to avoid externalities. We hope to provide a means to inform local markets with participatory research on what helps rather than harms. We will develop local markets wherever we are running The Groundwork Project. We will begin in the Pacific Northwest on the Olympic Peninsula where we are running a two-year pilot study. We hope to have aspects of the shop in place with supportive non-plastic items by the summer.

We support any local producer who does not use plastic in any way in their product. We will also move forward with supporting local producers acquire land and sell product whether it be food or a made item.

Through this shop, we will also sell resources for conducting social fieldwork including journals, reference books and more!

This is also where you will look for our online auctions to support local research centers across the country!

In the near term, we will host an online gallery of “artists for peace” selected on the basis of their commitment to sustainability and peace. We will be lenient as we all transition away from the use of plastic-based paints. We encourage natural paints and will offer workshops to encourage all things restorative in how we live day to day.

Featured Artist

Photography of the North Olympic Peninsula is provided by Marcus Butler of under creative commons copyright. As an artist for peace with decades of shots in the pilot project study area, we plan to showcase a curated selection of his exceptional work through our online gallery. Marcus’s vast collection is best viewed on his social media site, as his website is not yet current. He is redeveloping prints to launch after his sixtieth birthday and as he explores the lastest developments in equipment and technology.

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