Online Course: Introduction to Social Fieldwork

Wednesdays • 6 to 8pm

Starts May 18 through June 15

This is an invitation for planners, electeds and all other folks and ages.  The course is designed both for individuals with credentials, and those without.

Course includes individual Q&A time also available for follow-up questions for as long as one year after the course and at no additional cost. In – person day long group event to be scheduled when timing works best for individuals in the group.

Limit of 12 people in this cohort.

Full course details forthcoming. 

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5 classes – $550 per person if community leader in an official capacity or a planner.

Sliding scale (donation-funded scholarship) and work trade possible. Contact us for details.

Donate today and specify Social Fieldwork Course Scholarship.

The Institute seeks to train local people of moderate means or less, at little to no cost. The skills and knowledge acquired could lead to contract employment. This could become more likely especially if the individual continues with a practicum over the next year. Concurrently, the Institute works towards expanding the field in partnership with professionals and academics. In 2023, we will also widen our collaboration with The Guild for Social Fieldwork.


Payment in advance to Economics for Peace Institute. Registration required by May 6. Two checks: Deposit of $100 and separate check for $450 due by March 16. Classes start May 18.

Deposits will be fully refunded if we do not reach required number of students. As soon as we have 6 registrants, all funds will be deposited. Refunds requested before May 16 will be in full. Refunds after first class will deduct 10% service fee. No refunds after second class; however, classes may be rescheduled for another course session with good cause.

Course will be postponed and possibly to the Fall if less than 4 people register. Each person registered will receive a full refund in that case.

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