Spring 2022 Events and Classes of Economics for Peace Institute

Interconnectedness and Multiple Perspectives

Starts March 28 – Internet Pure and Simple – Online Class for IT Privacy – What is GDPR?

March 30 – Openhouse at the Chimacum Grange – 4 to 6pm

  • The Institute invites you to celebrate our office in PNW and a partnership with the Chimacum Grange.  We will showcase our mission, programs and local projects. 
  • We are partnering on Raised Right Here, an initiative of the National Grange for 2022 with a focus on local resilience and sustainability!  Mutual aid in right action.  Join in!

Spring 2022 Research Session begins April 6   –  The Groundwork Project | Chimacum Grange • every Wednesday through April 27 • 10 to 4 ~ Hybrid video or drop in at the Grange. Questions? Contact Us.

Earth Day Celebration! • Friday, April 22 • 4 to 8pm – Chimacum Grange

  • Celebratory Earth Day with Artists for Peace and many others.
  • Music and Refreshments!
  • Children, Elder and Family-Friendly.

Cooperatives Cafe • every 2nd Monday at 6pmNext date is Monday, April 11

Join us through our GDPR secure online video call feature.

The Cooperatives Cafe is an online incubator talking space for emergent cooperatives of all kinds. We are particularly interested in concepts and cooperatives that support home ownership, homesteading, self-sufficiency in sustainable community, and the means of production.
• Offering supportive mentored environment for new housing linked to grower and work spaces (studios, workshops, …)
• Beyond Leasing: Co-develop new right-sized sustainable independent housing and land ownership through producer cooperatives.
• Opening new investor pools for coop financing in the region.
Questions? Contact us.
Time: 6pm | Location: Online

The Cooperative Cafe began on Monday, March 14.

Starts Wednesday, May 18 – Social Fieldwork – an online introductory course

6 to 8pm on Wednesdays for a total of 5 classes in the course.

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