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Our goal for 2024 is 100 sustaining donors by September 21. Will you be one?

Your consistent financial support will allow us to conduct participatory research with more and more communities.

Good information is necessary to good decisions. Biased information continues to undermine the world’s democracies, peoples and ecosystems. The antidote is participatory research to inform sound decisions.

Economics for Peace Institute has a practical plan with a theory of change that has held up to scrutiny.

Through sound socio-ecological research, we can restore common sense and enliven the fundamental understanding that already exists between people, and even nations.

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Act now to protect people and the biosphere through local research!

Mission Statement

Economics for Peace Institute, a nonprofit, works globally through education, research and economic development to build peace, foster sustainability, and restore the Earth’s natural systems. The Institute’s work is measured by local people for its social benefits, its economic fairness and its ability to preserve ecosystems for future generations.

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The online tool allows for recurring monthly or annual donations. If you pay by check, you can opt to pledge quarterly or semi-annually. If so, please add a little note with your check to let us know.

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You may also become a sustaining donor through PayPal. PayPal is the way to go for semi-annual or quarterly donations. We can arrange to send you a pledge reminder at the interval you request. Your support will be still be shown in our tracker-tally of reaching 100 sustaining donors by end of summer. Do call or write with any questions.

By becoming a sustaining donor, you become part of a growing number of people that understand the need for community-led, participatory research.

We are grateful for your financial support in whatever way works best for you. In 2024, we plan to establish legacy giving and year-end contributions to meet your end-of- life and tax planning requirements.

Through your generosity and outreach to others, perhaps we could set a higher goal?

The donation gauge tracks money. That’s one way to figure it. Another way to look at how many contributors fund the Institute. You may pledge monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual contributions. We look forward to strengthening and building new working relationships with a growing number of volunteers, partners and donors.

For 15 years, our founder has funded most of the work alone by living frugally. She’s worked diligently on proof of concept and demonstrably participatory organizational development. Let’s help her get the organization fully funded so she can hire the fine volunteers who have rallied to her mission and vision. The time is now!

$2000 per month by 100 caring donors would sustain educational outreach and help us build a paid staff. Maybe the monthly average is higher? For instance, perhaps you know people who might wish to contribute $100 a month?

Please share with them this opportunity of “truly investing” in a better future! A future built on observable data and local voice to ensure baseline assessments of proposals to address the challenges of our times whether new jobs, climate adaptation, carbon sequestration, restorative ecosystem services and carbon trading. Currently and quite surprisingly, no assessments are conducted by electeds or planners regarding costs and benefits to people and planet. Evaluations rest solely in the terms of return on investment. This is inexcusable in our times.

Introduce your friends to the concept of a research institute for local people. A better future requires trustworthy sources of real data based on first-hand observation. That is participatory research. A better future requires baseline indicators of community well-being and ecosystem stewardship solely based on local people coming together to establish common ground and do the research to protect what matters most in day to day life.

Invest in democracy, good information, and the biosphere! Your support helps us conduct education and research towards unbiased local input now to protect the earth for future generations!

By building trust and traction, we hope that our work make a dent in the ongoing decline of social and ecological systems. To achieve this, we are here to answer your questions about our plan and to encourage you to share the plan with others. Tell them about Tell them about participatory research!

Economics for Peace is big dream with a practical plan. The plan has proven out over 15 years of development. 2023 has brought together an amazing management team with the skills and talent to oversee organizational expansion. Our work on climate and open-sourced research is leading-edge. We are ready for a boost of support!

The Institute requires financial support to deliver on our vision including The Groundwork Project, participatory evaluation by local communities, local research lab, participatory ecosystem monitoring, youth community service, and more!

Our strategy for strengthening the Institute is building the trust of many small donors in communities across the country, rather than solely relying on a few large donors. Can you help us get the word out? We need broad financial support to provide independent research that is participatory.

Thank you for your trust – and your contribution!

Contributions are tax deductible.

Economics for Peace Institute is a registered 501c3 research Institute. The Institute is a registered nonprofit in Washington and Colorado.

NTEE code: Research Institutes and/or Public Policy Analysis (C05)

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