| epi | Timeline and Milestones

Economics for Peace Institute was founded in 2008 in Cortez, Colorado with support of Generosity Exchange and Mitchell Toms and founding Board Members Susan Teitelmann and Dorothy Rupert. Dorothy provided access to her office on the Pearl Street Mall in the early days of development.

In 2009, we received funding through the Pacific Northwest District of USDA Forest Service. At the time, our operational plan centered on offering fee for service training to planners, students, and contractors as explained in our original operational plan.

Economics for Peace Institute development is much more complex than what is presented here. We will fill in the story lines. Of note – for almost 15 years, we have refined strategy and approach. The solution is the same. However, human awareness has evolved considerably in the United States since the great recession. People are ready for change and our proposals are more clearly understood then ever before!

Our solution and approach are well-founded. Our team’s conceptual and experiential policy expertise rests on decades of experience. We have the tools and the on-the-ground, know-how to bring vision to reality. The time is now.

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