Volunteer Opportunities and Activities

We have a wide array of on-the-ground volunteer opportunities on the North Olympic Peninsula to help with event set up and outreach. Be in touch!

Volunteer roles we hope to fill in 2023:

  • Nature-Connected Artists – Creatives Team
  • Folks to spread the Word in their interpersonal realtime networks and through social media – Educational Outreach Team

If you would like to spread the work in your networks, be in touch. We will walk you through an introduction, Q&A and get you set up with talking points and educational outreach materials.

| epi | Associates

As Associates, we work in teams and coordinate online. Our tech stack is fully privacy awared and GDPR compliant.

Before you contact us for onboarding and training, we ask that you consider the time you may have for a weekly time pledge that you can commit to ensuring. Even a few hours can make a big difference!

If you would like to be considered for a position as an Associate, please consider whether you might be interested in our privacy awareness training. We are a privacy aware nonprofit. We can only consider individuals for onboarding an Associates if they wish to embrace selective technology use in ways that are GDPR compliant. In this way, they will be able to protect their own information and in turn the information of others.

| epi | Associate roles we hope to fill in 2023:

  • On the Ground Community Coordinator(s) – Research Team – Associate level
  • Hand Drawn Mapping Coordinator(s) – Research Team – Associate level
  • GIS Bioregional Mapping and Data Display – Research Team – Associate level [positions filled]
  • Onboarding Coordinator for Associates – Organizational Team – Associate level [position filled]
  • Local Pilot Study Area Volunteer Coordinator – Research Team – Associate level
  • Coordinator of IT Help Desk for Associates – Techculture Team – Associate level
  • Coordinator of IT Help Desk for Communities and Volunteers – Techculture Team – Associate Level
  • IT Advisor and Developers – Organizational Team – Associate Level [position filled]

Future hires

By the end of 2023, we plan to hire contractors who have previously completed our privacy awareness IT training. From these contract position holders, we will begin selecting individuals we can bring on as employees. This will depend on funding levels and the contractor’s preference.

We offer a participatory work environment in a flat organization built through teams and an enacted set of core values. We offer self-service payroll and leading edge experience in an emergent field of research. Once we really get rolling, you will receive discounts on events, shop gear and training.

To learn more about how we work, please visit the online overview of our team approach to organizational development. See this link for the onboarding process for | epi | Associates.

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